Engaging and Working with ASL/English Interpreters, ASL Coaches and Deaf Consultants in Theatre: A Guide for the Community 

A performance’s over-all aesthetic is one of the resounding factors that leads to its success or ultimate failure in the patron’s and critic’s view. Many factors impact this aesthetic when utilizing inclusive measures to incorporate something like American Sign Language (ASL). Where do you find competent theatre skilled Interpreters? How will the performance use them? Should you be using a Deaf Interpreter? What about a Deaf actor on stage? Have you considered the need for a Deaf Consultant or ASL Coach? Did you budget correctly or did you budget at all? …. And most importantly, why are you doing this in the first place?

During this workshop we will delve into these questions and many more. With the current shift towards greater inclusion in the mainstream, we will uncover the truths about access versus inclusion and what that really looks like from the Deaf perspective.

ASL/English accessible.

Date: Saturday, February 16th, 11 AM to 12:30 PM in the Studio Theatre.

Presenters: Nicole Sander and Catherine Joell MacKinnon, with Anika Vervecken

Maritime Sign Language: History and community

Join the cast of Tales From The East Coast as they discuss the rich nuances of Maritime Sign Language (MSL) and its history and culture. There will be a discussion on the history of Deaf performance within Atlantic provinces and a hands-on opportunity to learn some MSL!

ASL/English accessible.

Date: Sunday, February 17th, 11 AM to 12:30 PM in the Backstage Theatre.

Presenters: Linda Campbell, Jim McDermott, Alan Williams and Carolyn Carter