Songs my mother never sung me

Thursday, February 16 at 8:30pm in the Studio Theatre

This event is FREE and open to the public! 

A workshop presentation

Script and music by Dave Clarke
Directed by Caroline Howarth and Mieko Ouchi

How does a young hearing boy learn to communicate with his deaf mother? Songs My Mother Never Sung Me is an opera for all ages by Dave Clarke about growing up as the child of a Deaf parent. It is performed in an emotionally resonant synthesis of sung English and American Sign Language (ASL). Dave Clarke is an Edmonton based writer, musician, composer and audio designer who has worked extensively in theatre, television, radio and multi-media. He is also – surprisingly – a child of deaf adults; a CODA.

Songs My Mother Never Sung Me tells the story of “Mom” and “Boy” through fourteen songs. There is no spoken text. It is presented non-naturalistically by four performers, playing Mom, Mom’s Voice, Boy and Narrator. Mom is deaf and communicates using ASL. Mom’s Voice uses ASL and sings in English using ASL syntax and word order. Boy and Narrator sign ASL and sing. ASL interpretation provided.