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Deaf That!

Direct from Toronto's Buddies in Bad Times' Rhubarb Festival, "Deaf That!" is a cabaret-style showcase on Deaf Culture which allows us to explore our individual stories to show that the each of us are unique humans with multiple layers of experiences within the Deaf community.

Sit back, enjoy as you watch the show, making you sign out... "Deaf That!"

ASL interpreting provided as part of the performance. 

Performance Dates

Friday, February 16th, 10 PM
Saturday, February 17th, 8:30 PM
Sunday, February 18th, 5 PM





Sage Willow

Sage Willow is a multidisciplinary queer nonbinary Deaf artist and educator from Southern Ontario. Aside from their intensive community work, they also provide performance interpreting in ASL for the local Deaf community; incorporating their passions of film, languages, theatre and accessibility into pieces of art. 

Ralitsa Rodriguez


Ralitsa Rodriquez was born and raised in Bulgaria, then refugee moved to Canada after 5 years then moved to USA in 1970s. She attended the Madame Galina’s Ballet school to become a disciplined ballet of 11 years in Illinois. She acted in shows such as The Little Prince, The Glass Menagerie, The Children of a Lesser God and many more at different theatres in the United States. She is multi-talented artist who enjoys acting, dancing, and playing music with audiences. Her motto for emerging artists, “Don’t wait for someone to write plays for you to act, you only write and act from your own stories!”

Tamkya Bullen

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Tamyka Bullen is a Deaf POC Queer-identied womyn who started her career in the theatrical world along with her 20+ years in social justice advocacy with her performances. She has worked and volunteered at social justice organizations ranging from women to LGBTQA. She brings her advocacy into her poetry performances at different theatres since 2005 and she became being involved in acting recently.  She loves to experiment with artistic forms to make shows more interesting such as poetry, dance, singing, mime, etc.